My Beautiful Dacia, a story about a country and its car

I finally got over to watch “My Beautiful Dacia” (or in our language: “Dacia, dragostea mea” a 2009 documentary about the history of the Dacia car manufacturer but most importantly a mirror image of the country itself and how the different eras (communism and post-communism) have affected this brand’s capability to stay competitive in the car market.

Today, Dacia is recognized as a good and cheap brand of cars that will last you a couple of million miles. With a price tag around 12k euros in Europe (at the time of writing) is well within reach of most pockets. It’s amazing to see how this feeling of reliability has kept past the decades, as the same was said about the previous 1100 and 1300 models. It’s humbling to say the least to the efforts made by Romanian workers (and owners) to keep this brand alive to this day (2020) and for the years to come.

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