Sleepy town center of Ramnicu Valcea

Today late in the day we had to hop on in the car and go towards Ramnicu Valcea, the nearest town to where my in-laws have their house. My wife was not feeling good, maybe going down with a cold. She had a runny eye and it was bugging her for the whole day. Late in the day, she could not take it anymore so we went out to find a pharmacy.

We parked at River Plaza Mall. It was quite free in comparison to other days I’ve been there. Probably because it’s 23 of December and night. Malls in this country tend to be overcrowded, like we don’t have anything else better to do. Anyway, since we were very close to the town center we went upwards to an X-mass fair. The decorations attracted my attention, they were of very good taste, simple, light, not too dazzling (in comparison to Mioveni which is the most decorated city of all or Bucharest in some former years).

Other than that, it was the quietest city-center I’ve ever been to 🙂 in the past years. In comparison to the “slaughterhouse” that you’ll find in the capital’s city-center (where Police had to block a few streets) and to the vivid, colorful and noisy Mioveni, where the whole city seems to move in the town center, Rm. Valcea surprised me with its sleepy almost dormant feeling. No more than us and a couple of other people were in the fair as you can see from below: