The €154, 5-node, HA, hyper-converged Proxmox private cloud on Hetzner

For the past few years I’ve been paying around €60/month at Google Cloud to host the equivalent of 4 cores and 8 GB of RAM in total on all my instances. Recently I converted my home i7-3770 to an Proxmox based server and found it super simple to work with it. Through a combination of No-IP, DNS CNAMEs and an HAproxy instance forwarded through my router I was able to get many applications easily installed (and backed-up to S3 through TurnKeyLinux TKLBAM/backup which runs Duplicity) around every single day. So much for complexity as in about 3 days I had pretty much everything up (Nexus, Go.CD and agents, this blog, Mattermost, Nextcloud, etc.)

In the past 3 days I rediscovered Hetzner. I knew them for a long time but I wasn’t so keen on renting “dedis” (dedicated servers). Up until I discovered their server auction going around the €30 per i7-3770 with 2x3TB of HDD and 32GB of RAM.

Initially I just fooled around and played around with 1 machine and the “installimage” script, trying out to see if it’s easy to set-up Debian 10 and PVE. It went smooth. Then I explored the networking part, trying to see if I could get an private subnet on the same VM to be routed in the so-called “single IP, routed configuration” that Proxmox suggests.

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Moved on my own LXC

I’m undeniably an OCD kind of guy and a control freak by definition. Why else would I abandon the easiness of for hosting this blog on my own (backed-up, d’oh) LXC container on some random machine?! For control.

It’s 00:00 midnight and I’m writing this after a full week of migrating off-cloud to my own machine. I’ve recently found out about Proxmox VE, a mostly Debian-based virtualization engine based on KVM/qemu and LXC and since I’m a Debian fan, I quite jumped-in on the fact that it could be what I was potentially looking for.

For the past months I’ve been trying to put an old i7/32GB of RAM machine of mine to work. Since I have a growing kid and not much of time, I wanted something dead-easy for a homelab slash DIY/Wordpress hosting slash CI/CD machine with an Nexus (binary artifact repository) slash anything that can run in isolation. So I went off, bought 3 Western Digital HDDs, installed the Proxmox ISO making myself an RAIDZ ZFS-backed array for the upcoming VMs or containers and there you go.

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