How about playing a little

Today I’ve left work and one of my colleagues who’s a father of two was playing Destiny 2 on Windows. Well, I’m a Linux fan and the only games I have available are the ones on the Steam OS + Linux category. Which fall short of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (which I play in Competitive mode because public is sooo much full of d-bags) and Bioshock.

In all honesty, I just got the wake-up call that I haven’t been playing in the last 3 or 4 years pretty much anything. Funny of all, I worked in a gaming company, so games should’ve been somewhat in my target, no? Well, they haven’t, as I was too much concentrated on the day-to-day activity of the project. Which is a bummer. The last 30 minutes or so playing a T vs. CT competitive match, allthough we lost, were the most fun moments at the computer I had in a while.

Once you get into your 30’s or so, few of us feel the need to play. We find funny how our children tend to find fun in the most, we call them, absurd ways, like playing with a peper towel or picking and throwing lego bricks against the wall. Yet knowing when to stop concentrating on a problem, freeing yourself of the bad feelings and stress and hanging around the virtual world … well, it was called imagination back when we were kids and we had lots of it.

Today, I planned I would write something serious on this blog. The lazyness kicked-in however and the revelation that I haven’t been quite human in the past years (call me I Robot). So I’ve ended up writing this, which is a serious remark that you should also stop bullshitting yourself too. Too much work won’t solve all the world’s problems and maybe not even yours. Give yourself 20 minutes and go play! I shot virtual terrorists but it was awesome as I’ve envisioned them as my day-to-day problems. And they went away … at least for those 20 or so minutes.