Bucharest’s Botanical Garden, in autumn clothing


Relaxing pallete of colours

Yesterday my wife proposed we do a quick Sunday walk to Bucharest’s Botanical Garden in the early part of the day, right before noon around 12:00/13:00 when our little exactly 1.7 year old (today) bundle of joy goes for the mid-day nap.

I agreed for two reasons: (1) the botanical garden isn’t all that crowded and (2) it’s big enough for the baby to run around. It’s not the best of parks or recreational areas, in terms of arangements or venues, but it’s the most diverse in terms of colors and the display of plants, in comparison to other parks.


Unexpected blooming flowers in early November

This part of the year the garden presents itself in autumn clothing with a beautiful display of brown and yellow colors in the trees with some surprising late blooming flowers I did not expect to find at this time of year.

Because it was early in the day, the Botanical Museum was open so we paid the extra 4 RONs and got to see a collection of plants in preservation from around all of Romania and abroad. The museum abunds with floral and plant displays the only sad part beeing that it’s not in any way digitized so that noobies to the botanical domain can educate themselves (by scanning an NFC or QR code with their applications). It helps, especially when there’s a lot of content to present.


Enjoying the autumn leaves

Since we also got time until 12:45 when the greenhouse (glass house) closed we also had a little chance to see and explore a few exotic plants, an experience we only got from the media, not exactly in real life (Romania is a temperate climate country, hard to grow anything exotic to pass the autumns and winters here).

With that experience and since we have a very hot balcony at our apartment (as the apartment faces the sun most of the day on each side) we left with an idea when spring comes to visit the selling exhibition they’re holding every spring to get ourselves a few plants that can resists in our hot balconies. So we will return with that idea in mind next spring.


Looking for nuts

Back to the bundle of joy, he has been the most active fellow of the group, enjoying the leaves, the colors, playing with other children, getting kissed on the cheek by a little girl of almost his age called Vera (or Dana) to which he got a bit scared and blushed, taking him a few good seconds if not a minute to realize what just had happened.

To end with a conclusion, it’s so nice once in a while to leave it all behind and to decouple from the computer or laptop for a Sunday morning stroll around the Botanical Garden of Bucharest (or in sufficiently big enough park for an ultra-active baby). The past years for me have been a rollercoaster of effort and I am short to realize where have the past 3 years gone and where are the missing two autumns I don’t have pictures for.


Big happy family

To comment a little on the aspect of our digital age, I tend to believe we’re overdoing it a bit and exagerating. We are easily forgetting nature, we admire plants and flowers inside RPG games instead of real-life, we forget we’re not a digital native but our bodies (and souls) are more acquaint to nature rather than keyboards and mouses. We tend to loose sight of what’s of importance in our lives, our family, our children, our livelihood, our happyness.

There’s an old saying “less is more”. While I may not have believed it in the past, I may start believing it soon. To end, I’ll leave you guys with a picture of all of us three, happily smiling at the camera before we left the garden.