Re-learning to blog

A few years ago I used to blog. I believe it to be 10+ to 15 or so years ago. It was tempting. I was an PHP developer working my way through the inter-webs and it was interesting. Everybody blogged. Blogging was hype. Blogging was awesome. You didn’t have a blog, you didn’t exist. Kind of like Facebook or Instagram now.

In the mean-time, I grew old and I do hope, more mature. Made a family. Have a 1.6 year old toddler. Thinking about blogging at night. But more than that, thinking about sharing experience. Of what I know, what I’ve tried, what’s interesting to follow, what to avoid.

I used to keep an Hugo-based blog on a modified Hyde theme. You know Hugo, the static site and blog generator. Was nice, interesting, required a git repository. Also required time. Time I don’t have given the daily work, the kid and my urge to do something else other than computers.

Interesting to see if I can really keep this up or if it’s just a fad. If it is so that I can keep a healthy blog-attitude then I’ll try to cover:

  • conferences of interest from C/C++/Java and Big Data domains which are my main working languages of choice. I have been working in these languages for the better of my work experience and they have grown on me;
  • blog posts, articles and news of interest from the above two domains and tangent to them;
  • open-sourced shared work experience, of what I’ve learned and I deem necessary to share with others;
  • random pictures of my kid;
  • random ramblings on coding nirvana;
  • whatever else deemed necessary, like for example, the obligatory cat videos;